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Hello there...

I'm Zong, the gal behind the lens!

Wife to Jonathan. Momma to Tatum+Kobie. 

Career woman by day and photographer by night + weekends.


 JOTAKOZO [pronounced Joh/taa/koh/zoh] came to fruition through my love for photography, life, people, and capturing rich and authentic moments. 


Love. Family. Life's Special Moments. The Beautiful You.


There's just something about freezing someone's expression in a specific moment, place, and time. It's a moment that can't be repeated twice but relived for a lifetime through photographs.

Fun Fact:

JOTAKOZO contains the first two letters of each member of my family. Family is foundation and I wouldn't be doing this without their continuous love, patience, and support. 

I'm SO EXCITED you stopped by! | San Diego, CA

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